Learn to trade Forex, Commodities and Stocks

Learn time-tested trading strategies


The Market Scholar Program


Cost = $4500

Make your trading journey easy and hassle free and accelerate your trading results. Get personal attention and guidance from expert mentor and proprietary trader.

The Market Scholar program includes:


  • Powerful & time-proven tricks to enhance your trading results.

  • Strategies  taught are equally applicable to Currencies,         Commodities (Gold & Crude Oil)  and Stock Indices

  • Access to online video lessons of the Beginner to Expert course

  • Training Certificate after the coaching ends.

  • Access to the mentor after the course ends

  • 24/5 LIFE LONG support on LIVE Market Set-ups and trading     queries FREE of cost

  • Free weekly market commentary and upcoming trade ideas

  • Customized problem solving in your trading

The Market Wizard Program

Cost = $8000

This advanced program is an extended version of the Market Scholar Program that allows for solidification of trading skills with extended hours of practice in the live market under the guidance of the trading mentor.

The Market Wizard Program includes:

  • Personalized 1 on 1 trading sessions.

  • All contents and features of the Market Scholar Program

  • Advanced trading strategies that enhance profits

  • Extended practice on demo & live trading accounts

  • Students can witness live trading results during this course

  • Access to the mentor after the course ends

  • 24/5 LIFE LONG support on LIVE Market Set-ups         

  • Free weekly market commentary and trade ideas

The Ultimate Online Forex Trading Course: Beginner to Expert

Cost = $350

Online Course that you can study at your pace from anywhere.


The Beginner to Expert Course is designed to teach newbies as well as practiced traders simple, effective and time proven strategies to profit consistently from the financial markets, be it currencies, commodities or stock indices.

The course is 90% in video format and contains powerful proprietary concepts based on years of research.

It contains:

  • 18 Video Lessons by Sara Waqar

  • Supporting Text Lessons (PDF Files)

  • 24/7 Call + Email support

  • LIFETIME access to course

  • Regular updates & additions to the course

Sara Waqar

Sara Waqar is the founder of Trade In Peace. She is a certified professional trader, coach and financial journalist, with 8+ years of experience in commodities & derivatives trading. She holds the Commodity Futures License (Series 3) and the Retail Forex License (Series 34) from FINRA – USA ( Wall Street Certified).


Gulf News Publications 


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Brian Jambani

Wildlife Expert

at Zabeel Palace

"Having Sara as my mentor has been a wonderful experience. My trading knowledge and skills have increased manifold and I now have a firm grip on the technical aspects of trading, as well as my internal mental environmemt."

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Full Time Trader

"Learning Sara's nuanced trading techniques and astute risk managemet has traslated my dream of becoming a professional trader into reality. I am now not only able to trade my own funds but also manage the funds of my friends, family and investors."

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"Trading has changed from a frustrating to an enjoyable experience, thanks to Sara! Learning to manage the risk on every trade and being patient enough to wait for the right trading opportunity has metamorphosed my trading from ever accumulating losses to consistent profits."

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