About the Mentor

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Sara Waqar is a proprietary trader, mentor, and a financial journalist, specializing in trading spot currency and derivatives for over a decade. Having double Masters degrees in Economics & Finance, Commodity Futures License (Series 3), and Retail Foreign Exchange License (Series 34) from FINRA, USA gives her a firm grip on technical and fundamental aspects of prices and exchange rates, and makes her a sound authority on the financial markets. She has worked with a number of brokers and investment funds.

Sara also a financial coach and a great proponent of ‘education before investment’. She is the founder of Trade In Peace, an education venture that is aimed at at giving independent, retail traders deeper insights into the financial markets and teaching them to profit safely and consistently.


Sara is also an independent financial journalist with Gulf News, and has been actively engaged in guiding investors about best practices in the financial industry.

Sara is based in Dubai, UAE
Email: waqarsara3@gmail.com
Whatsapp: 00971 508732286