The Market Scholar Program

Cost = $3500

The Market Scolar Program is a personalized, one on one program that teaches traders time-proven and powerful trading techniques in a live market environment.

Strategies taught in this program equally applicable to three markets: Currencies, commodities (Gold & Crude Oil) and Stock Indices.

In this program, we practice and execute trades in real time.

The Market Scholar program will make you a true trading scholar. We will successfully teach you:

   -  Unique ways to read and classify trends.

   -  Novel ways to analyze retracements & price rotations.

   -  High probability entry conditIons that must be in place before you click the button.

   -  Why, when and at what level to take profits.

   -  Being aware of various psychological trading traps, and how to avoid them.

   -  The art of stop loss placement unique to every trade.

   -  Risk management strategies that keep your risk to minimum levels, and optimizes returns.

   -  Proprietary candle patterns and  trade set-ups that increase profits.

   -  Proprietary emotional awareness mechanisms designed by the mentor to help traders               understand discipline.

And a lot more


What does the Market Scholar Program include?

The Market Scholar Program includes

   -  6 days of intensive training sessions with Sara.

   -  Individual or small group coachings with traders who share your passion.

   -  PDF Manual containing all profitable set-ups and strategies

   -  Access to the mentor after the course ends

   -  24/5 LIFE LONG support on LIVE Market Set-ups and trading queries FREE of cost

   -  Free weekly market commentary and upcoming trade ideas

   -  Customized problem solving in your trading

For details on cirriculum, schedules and discounts, call/whatsapp . us on 00971-508732286

Why should I take up the Market Scholar Program?

   -  This professional trading program is truly unique because we promise you that:

   - We will shift your perspective from short-term to the long-term, which is actually the magical       short cut in successful trading!

   - It will require only 30 minutes of your daily time to analyze charts & set-ups. This is ideal if       you have a day’s job or are a busy homemaker.

   - We will teach you simple, yet the most efficient and optimal trading strategies that give             you amazing profitability.

   - Your results will no longer be sensitive to broker spreads, instant executions, slippages and       other broker inefficiencies.

   - We will teach you how to be completely stress-free, and stop your emotional coaster rides        and mood swings in trading.

   - We will make you understand why you must not rely on indicators and moving averages.

  -  We will give you a customized trading plan and a set of trading rules that will bring you           amazing profits.

  -  We will always be there to genuinely help you, to answer your queries, solve your trading       problems, and witness your financial freedom and trading success.

Happy trading!

Sara & the team.

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