The Ultimate Online Forex

Trading Course:

Beginner to Expert

Cost = $350

The Beginner to Expert Course is designed to take newbies as well as practiced traders to new levels of understanding, focus & clarity in trading the financial markets with consistent profitability.

The FREE complimentary reading material is the warm up stage of the course and is designed to cover all elementary aspects of forex trading, so that newbies can comfortably transition to the main course.

The paid content of the course is 90% in video format and contains powerful PROPRIETARY concepts based on years of research.


Lesson 1-5 are focused on understanding market structures and some important areas of technical analysis in a simple and novel manner.


Lesson 6-9 describe four powerful candlestick patterns that are highly successful when found in the right context.


Lesson 10-13 focus on a unique risk management strategy that will always keep losses controlled and maximize profits.


Lesson 14 provides example of how to apply the strategy from A TO Z, and how it results in successful trading.


Lesson 15 discusses how pending orders can be applied to different price action setups to enhance profits.

Why should I take this course?


You will learn simple, yet the most efficient and optimal trading strategies that give you amazing profitability.

Your results will no longer be sensitive to broker spreads, slippages and other  inefficiencies.

You will get the confidence to trade manually and use your discretion rather than falling for trading robots and algorithmic systems, which in fact are not profitable.


You will understand some very big pitfalls of pure fundamental analysis.

You will finally begin to realize long-term consistent profitability in your trading.


These strategies are equally applicable to currencies, commodities (gold, silver, crude oil) and stock indices (S&P500, FTSE100 etc)


You get LIFETIME access to the course, which is updated & extended regularly.


If you have any difficulties in understanding anything, please email to us and we will be there to support you personally.

Good luck & happy trading!
Sara & the team.